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African American Women Dedicated to Community Service
Fun-Set Social
Charity Club

The Fun Set Social and Charity Club was founded and organized in 1966 by the late Dorothy Bowens-Ammons. She was a native of Jackson, Tennessee. She came to Huntsville Alabama to work at Redstone Arsenal.  After some research she saw the need for additional social activity in the city. She organized the club consisting of African American Women. They named the club the Fun Set Social Club. After a few years the organization saw the need for community service and the development of programs focusing on education, health and wellness and community outreach. The organization changed the name to the Fun Set Social and Charity Club.

Our first "Beautillion Ball" was in 1979 at the Carriage Inn Hotel, where thirty young men were presented.  Some of the young men presented at that ball and earlier balls have allowed us to present their sons in the ball.  To date we have presented more than 1,200 young men to society and a brotherhood that will serve as a support system for many years


We are a 501(c)(3) organization composed of christian women dedicated to community service.  Our mission continues to focus on support of Young African American males through educational seminars that will empower them to become contributing members of society and to a brotherhood.  We strive to participate in community outreach and health and wellness programs.

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